posted 3. February 2010, 12:34 by Thomas Braun
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My name is Thomas Braun and I´m living in the southern part of germany in the town of Balingen

Currently (05-2012) I´m running a small, mostly Microsoft-based network and developing web based software applications with Xbase++, Python/Django and a little bit of PHP / MySQL at ellis EVENTS

In the 90’s of the last millennium I used to develop in a language named Clipper – a compiler for one of the many xBase flavour of languages. But since the end of the DOS days, this is history as well.

If you would like to reach me, here are my contact details:

Thomas Braun
Wiesenstrasse 3
D-72336 Balingen

If you are paranoid enough, you might even encrypt your email message using PGP (see my public key id below) or the free alternative GnuPG

My PGP-Key-ID (DH/DSS): 0xF8F23E80
Fingerprint : D4A5 6AA3 9FBE 629F CC23 7A60 CAB9 4590 F8F2 3E80